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Bernard's Interview with CBS Miami TV

Bernard’s Interview with CBS Miami TV

ERBC has two different patented products.  The latest, the JacLock Screw/JacLock Screwdriver, has the potential to change the fastener industry.  The second, the JacBlox Construction Framing Design, upon testing and approval, will make homes safer from earthquakes and hurricanes.

ERBC’s President and Inventor, Bernard Jacovitz, has been interviewed by the news media for both of  his patented inventions.  He was first interviewed by a reporter from Metal Construction News after he patented the JacBlox Construction Framing System.

Bernard was also interviewed in the summer of 2013 by the Florida Sun Sentinel Newspaper and CBS Miami TV after he received his patent for the JacLock Screw and JacLock Screwdriver System.  The CBS TV interview focused on the invention and its incalculable potential for changing both the fastener and hardware industries.  To view the full interview click here.

In March 2011 Stefan Schumacher, a reporter for Metal Construction News, interviewed Bernard about the JacBlox Construction Framing Design which had been recently patented.  For the interview click here.


For more information on different media coverage ERBC and our President received, please contact us directly.  Email for additional information.