JacBlox Construction Framing Design


The JacBlox Construction Framing Design


Simple Animation of a Home Constructed with the JacBlox Construction Framing Design System



Simple Pipe by Pipe Animation of the JacBlox Framing System to Build a Floor


JacBlox Framing System at Right Angle to Exterior Walls







The revolutionary JacBlox Construction Framing Design is a new way to frame residential homes to make them safer from earthquakes and hurricanes while also making construction more sustainable.The design technique offers architects and builders a completely new framing method that allows for improved flexibility in a home’s frame while avoiding any subsequent reduction in the strength of the frame and its foundation.  The design method also serves as an innovative way to significantly increase a home’s energy efficiency at no additional cost to construction.


The patented construction technique relies on the use of specialized round steel tubes as a replacement for standard wood or concrete block framing.  The JacBlox Construction Framing System requires 8″ inch round steel tubes to be placed next to one another to create the walls, ceilings, and floors.  The contiguous tubing connected atJacBlox_concrete_blocks_scanned_NEW

the top of each pipe via specialized elbows and connectors which are firmly connected using specialized metallic glue and self-tapping screws placed at specific angles with the ceiling framing.  The tremendous strength and flexibility of the frame is intended to protect the integrity of the house from very large earthquakes and/or the high  winds of a hurricane.

Sample of a Simple JacBlox Frame Perspective