JacLock Screw and JacLockScrewdriver Systems

JacLock Screw and JacLock Screwdriver System

No More Stripped Screws



The Why

Anyone who has ever used a screwdriver or electric drill has faced the nagging problem of slipping off the screwhead while inserting or removing a screw.  This age old problem has been addressed by screw manufacturers for ages.  No one has ever fully resolved the problem until now. The JacLock system is based on the design of a reconfigured screwhead that with a simple “click”, locks into the JacLock Screwdriver or the JacLock Bit.  This revolutionary locking mechanism has key advantages over existing screw fasteners for metal and wood:

The JacLock Mechanism Eliminates Slippage

  • At the same time the system increases torque there is no longer the possibility the screwdriver will slip off the head out of the screw during insertion or removal.  The JacLock innovation means screwheads will never be damaged and the products the screws are used on will not be damaged during insertion or removal of the screw.

 Increased Torque

  • The patented system will result in increased torque whenever a JacLock Screw is inserted or removed.

The System’s Applications

The JacLock Screw/JacLock Screwdriver System’s innovative enabling technology revolutionizes:

  • Industrial engineering for industries as diverse as electronics, medical devices, aerospace, construction, etc. and;
  • Everyday utilization for home and construction projects.